How Do People Who Are Very Depressed Manage to Communicate with Others?

Very depressed people who want to get better and rejoin active society, get therapy.If you go in to therapy and talk about your problems, a good therapist will train you how to reduce your negative thoughts. These negative thoughts lead to sad, low and empty feelings.

So, by changing the thoughts, your feelings will begin to lift. Once your feelings lift, youll be less inclined to stay in bed and avoid people. Communicating with others will become easier.

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When Arya Stark was given 3 names to kill by Jayne Hu2019gar, did she choose wisely? If not, who should she have chosen?

Arya did not choose wisely.

Who should she have chosen? The first names on her list:Joffrey, Cersei, Walder Frey.Jaqen Hghar tells Arya that their deaths are a certainty, but the timing is not (thats because she wants the faceless man to kill Tywin Lannister NOW), and he wont do that.

Tywin is leaving Harrenhal to go make war on her brother Robb). But what a difference in the show if Joffrey, Cersei, and Walder Frey had have died mysterious deaths so early in the series?Season 2 episode 10: Valar Morghulis"


What are things people need to start believing?

Peer reviewed ScienceBig corporations arent in the business of killing peopleSocialism Communism The end of civilisationThe USA does not have a monopoly on Freedom, nor is it the world leading exponents of itNon partisan or Bi partisan news and political debate doesnt really exist. However, it is possible to admit the other side can and does have ideas that are valid and worthwhile without betraying your side.Organised Religion is a cancer on society.

Believe your own personal beliefs. But keep it at that.


Did humans only domesticate wolves, or other canine species as well, such as coyotes or even foxes?

Or to phrase it another way: Are all domestic dogs descended from wolves, or are there some with coyote/jackal/etc roots

I will chime in here.If you look at the dog species, as someone said, they came from a Chinese form of Gray Wold long extinct, but, they are genetically similar enough to wolves to mate with them. Coyotes are often found with wolf or dog genes, so much that some think there is no real pure Coyote stock in the USA.

Humans have never domesticated foxes; the Russian who is supposed to have done that is open to a lot of criticism.


What fiction books should everyone read?

Two great fiction books for the science nuts:Mother of Learning: its a web serial (i.

e. free and still being updated). To some extent, the background resembles Harry Potter, magic schools, wizards, etc; but the plot is surprisingly original and rich.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: What happens if Harry Potter becomes a hyper-rationalist? This is a hilarious fanfiction, written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, an AI researcher. The chapters can be too long to read for a web serial - but it also has a podcast online!

A perfect audiobook to kill time on the road :)


Now that the showu2019s over, what was the point of the Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth?

He was a mentor and a steady hand in times of great trial . And he was a man who backed up his king.

He had done it for Stannis but he wasnu2019t worthy of Ser Davos loyalty. Jon was. He set his feet on another path to alleviate his pain of Shireen's death.

Gave him a reason for living. After Jon was exiled back to the Night's watch , Ser Davos stayed behind to be a helping hand for Bran and Sam as well


Which are collectively better musicians, Led Zeppelin or Rush?

A lot of the answer to this question depends on whether you're including 'vocalist' in the category of 'musician'.

Geddy Lee--does what he does; I don't mind his singing as much as many people seem to, but Robert Plant--pipes wise, delivery a rare pearl in the world of rock singers. Vocals aside, the music Rush composes is more complex and requires a higher level of competence to be able to play.

Complexity may or may not be your thing, but I think Rush deserves credit for innovation while still managing to "rock"


What can teachers do to help students with severe anxiety?

I suffer from anxiety and have completed my BSN, 1/2 done with my MSN with a 3.98 GPA.

I have been helped by teachers who let me sit to the side of the group so I had less distraction. I've even had them offer me extra time in completing the test. The best help was my 4th grade teacher Mrs.

Eck who told me I could do the work and I knew the information, just sit in the alcove and do my best. A motivated caring teacher can make such a difference to a students success.


What was the real reason the United States removed and killed Saddam Hussein?

Even if they didnt kill him, the first and only one reason is oil business. You think it was for freedom? Because of fake massive destruction weapons?

Remember Lybia and now Syria. You may think Bachar should be killed and so on? But look for gas discovering in this part of the world near Iran and how could Iran sell the gas to Europe for examplethere are a few roads.

and it passes through Syria. Freedom is for marketing ;).


What will be the after effect of the protests/riots happening in the US?

A lot more Americans will talk (dialogue is a trendy word, I think) about race. (This is already happening.) An unintended consequence might be that we will focus less on Covid for a while, whether our political leaders realize that the quarantine is effectively over or not.

(How can you keep people who are demonstrating and especially people who are rioting socially distanced?) We will see whether there is a second wave among those who have gone to the streets. If not, then we can conclude that the virus has burned itself out


What can teachers do to reduce test anxiety in students?

This:Retrieval Practices' Impact on Test Anxiety and Stress - The Effortful EducatorYou should test your students frequently, but not for a grade. The testing serves the purpose of increasing learning, because attempting to retrieve stored information increases the retention of that information.And youd better come up with better schemes for marking the tests, because it would be too much of a workload for you to do it yourself.

You can Google around for how other teachers do this


What is (not provided) in Google Analytics?

Since October 2011 Google has been hiding the u201corganic keyword,u201d but doesnu2019t hide u201cpaid keywords.u201d Google switched to a secure server (https) which encrypts search results.

So, anytime you logged into Google i.e., Gmail, Calendar, etc your searches are totally protected thereby leaving all keyword data as (not provided) in Google Analytics.

The reason behind this was Google probably wants more marketers or advertisers to use Google Ads as optimizing the search campaigns without keyword referral data is not very useful


Do Republicans hate Obama because he's black?

First of all, Republicans dont hate him.Second of all, to the degree that hated his being president, it was because they strongly disagreed with his ultra-leftist, bordering on Marxist politics.

I thought the birther movement was silly, but if hed been more upfront about proving his birth credentials instead of stonewalling, it wouldve shut him down. In retrospect, that looks like strategy to inflame his political rivals. It wouldnt surprise me if hed orchestrated the whole thing


Is Freya related to Thor?

No, and yesOdins wife in Marvel is Frigga. Who Freya is in the comics is a messy topic. She used to be distinct from Friggia and one Thor story ( I think by Matt Fraction) said that the Enchantress was actually Freya.

But then some writer came along and seems to have come to the conclusion that Freya and Frigga are the same person probably based on the theory that they may have once been the same figure methodologically and made them that way in the comics even though it doesn't match


How did the industrial revolution cause imperialism in Britain?

Very simple: the industrial revolution did not cause imperialism in Britain.Great Britain had an empire in North America long before the industrial revolution got under way.

It might be fair to say that once the industrial revolution was in full swing, say around 1840, the British were certainly very motivated to find and hold markets for their products. In addition, they also wanted reliable sources of supply for the raw materials needed for their industrial processes. The empire in a sense magnified the industrial revolution


How can you tell if people are talking trash behind your back?

What they talked behind you is not a big deal, everyone have positive and negative points and other can talk about any point you can not stop them from discussion about that.we are a living body and need to do our task other can judged us from their view which may be right or wrong, no one is perfect hence forget about others and do your work with confidence.have a nice dayplz upvote if you agree with me.


What do communism and Nazism have in common?

Industrial. Both seek 100% rule over industrial societies.

One is tyrannical, one is a republic.Socialism actually seeks establishing a republican structure into industry that sets goals, guide management short and long term plaming and the day to day operations of industry.No-where has this ever existed.

Fascism is tyrannical. By the power of the SUPREME STATE, it seeks to forcibly bind all social, economic and political institutions to the state. It attempts to end class war.

Workers are frozen into a defeated wage slavery class.Examples of Fascist countries:USSR, Red China, Hitlers Germany, Mussolinis Italy


Why in the age of the Internet are people still so ignorant?

So, because there are libraries, everybody should be smart?

How about over half of the worlds population who have no computer , much less internet service? (You know, people whose issues are sanitation, health, education, maybe even food and shelter?)Have you thought that at least half of the stuff on the Internet is pure garbage?

Just because it is there, does not make it true or even good.How about people who just dont care for the Internet at all?Knowledge or ignorance have nothing to do with the Internet


Are most African countries still in the early stages of industrialization?

Yap. Three glaring facts betray us:Our average income levels are among the lowest in the world.We still depend a lot on aid and predatory loans (sadly).

And I hate it.Our manufacturing sector still sucks. We produce almost zero value-added goods.

I hate it! Instead of chocolate, gold watches, microchips; what comes out of Africa is cocoa, gold bars, and rare earth. Very sad.

We dont even have an African car or airplane brand. But watch this space, an airplane made in Africa is coming to an airport near you lol. Wakanda forever!



How does gold affect the dollar?

Hello, Price of a commodity like Gold/oil depends on the basic principle of supply and demand.

The Price of Gold if falling, Dollar is riding high on the back of possible hike in interest rates. They predict a rise which will in turn increase the price of the dollar, so people who had invested in Gold would start selling Gold, and when supply of Gold will surpass the demand, the price of Gold will fall. I hope it helped.

Happy Trading!


Is it true that there is video evidence of Russia firing artillery into Ukraine?

Below is a video showing Russian rocket-launcher and gun artillery batteries, and their distinctive marks after cross-border shelling in 2014.

The satellite photos can be verified in Google Earth with its historical imagery feature.Here is a blog post collecting other evidence: u201cRussian soldiers VK-page shows RUSSIA is shelling Ukraine with heavy artillery,u201d Ukraine at War. And a systematic analysis of cross-border artillery strikes: u201cOrigin of Artillery Attacks on Ukrainian Military Positions in Eastern Ukraine Between 14 July 2014 and 8 August 2014,u201d Bellingcat


Why are there so many violent "Protests" after the election?

I am not sure where you get the term peaceful and accepting left. People who feel passionately about political matters are likely to protest those issues and sometimes, in all countries, protests go too far. Mr.

Trump used extreme language during his campaign and now people are more likely to do the same and sometimes go as far as committing violence. Remember there can be violence after sporting events or over religious differences so election protests should not surprise. This will settle down soon but more protests are likely when Mr.

Trump starts to take action

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Israel Will Not Construct New Settlements on Palestinian Land - Peres
Israel's Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, has said that Israel would not construct any new Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, but would not rule out the natural expansion of settlements. His comments follow heavy criticism of Israel from a US-led panel on the causes of the latest violence. A Palestinian Minister said that they would not return to the negotiating table unless Israel halted all settlement construction. However, a senior Palestinian official has arrived in Washington today for talks with the United States government. Mahmud Abbas's arrival in Washington is part of a Palestinian diplomatic campaign to explain their side of the conflict with Israel. Mr Abbas is the highest ranking Palestinian official to visit Washington since President George W. Bush took office January 20. He will meet with Secretary of State Colin Powell. The main topics for discussion are the joint Egyptian-Jordanian peace plan to end the fighting and resume talks on a final status of the occupied territories, and a report by an international panel. The panel is chaired by former US senator and Northern Ireland mediator George Mitchell. Their report called for Israel to halt all settlement building in the occupied territories and refrain from using rubber bullets against unarmed demonstrators. The panel also highlighted the Palestinian Authority's failure to exercise proper control over its security forces. The Palestinian cabinet has called the Mitchell report "very positive," while Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rejected its call for a freeze on Jewish settlements. Colin Powell has called it a "fine report" which could "give us a launchpad to start a new initiative," although State Department spokesman Richard Boucher warned that there may be portions of the report with which Washington does not agree.These latest diplomatic efforts come as a Palestinian man was reported to have been killed during clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian gunmen in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli defence forces say that its soldiers returned fire after coming under attack last night from a Palestinian police position near the Maghazi refugee camp. The Palestinian leadership said an escalation in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip amounted to a clear call for a wider conflict in the Middle East. In a separate development, prominent Palestinian minister Saeb Erakat is set to have talks with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan about the conflict. Mr Erakat is also accompanying Mr Abbas on his Washington visit. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat will meet with French government representatives later this month as part of a Palestinian diplomatic offensive to explain their position in the conflict. Senior Palestinian leaders have not yet been invited to meet with United States President George W. Bush. Meanwhile, a new group responsible for several anti-Israeli attacks in the past week, Hezbollah Palestine, announced today that it will carry out heavy artillery and missile attacks against Israel. The threat came as a leading member of the hardline Islamic group Hamas was released by the Palestinian Authority after two weeks in prison.
2021 05 20
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Hitile Releases New Series of Led Video Display Screens Other Article From Business
Hitile has just convened the New Product Unveiling Event Conference of the third quarter in October. In this conference, Hitile has announced a upgraded TD LED Display to the market. TD P2.976 was also a newly launched pixel pitch to offer a third choice among P1.9-P2.3. By now, TD LED Display is consisted of four pixel pitches including PH1.923mm, PH2.5mm, PH2.976mm and PH3mm. This product series can be broadly applied in stage performance, exhibitions, broadcasting situations to highlight your show, and as for PH3.9mm it can be also used in semi-outdoor and outdoor rental screen events. What's more, Hitile R&D department has made some certain improvements of TD LED Display based on actual use. The one that has attracted many eyes is TD with all-black face. This upgraded TD fine pixel pitch outdoor rental solution adopts all-black LED lamps. Thus, it will bring you super high contrast ratio at 8000:1. See the comparison picture taken on site: In addition, other improvements are all related to offer more convenience to users during installation. Traditional curved screen is built by exclusive curved panel or equipped with connector, which will result in excessive screens, complicated operation and inefficient installation. Hitile TD LED video Display solves this problem by employing integrated curvable latch system. Only one kind of panel can supports for both flat and curved assembly without any tool, curving block and connector. By achieving this, TD LED Display can flexibly meet clients various demands in applications. Furthermore, in order to create a more user-friendly product, Hitile has released the designated accessories to match with TD LED Display as well: Upgraded mounting frame and rigging frame--- supports for flat and curved assembly as well as touring cart--- lower the cost of transportation and package, simplify screen assembly in every show. Its a brand new idea to apply fine pixel pitch LED display for rental market. Europe has the most thriving market in cultural application. Sports events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other cultural events are all with great demands of high-end LED flexible screen . Compared with traditional rental solutions, fine-pitch LED display is usually considered more fragile. Moreover, rental market involves with more diverse applications, temporary assembly and unpredictable actual external environment. All of the above has posed new challenges to fine-pitch rental screen. However, the launch of TD LED Display is a proof that Hitile has great confidence in its product endurance and quality, and Hitile believes in the promising future of fine-pitch rental market due to the fact that searching for something better is the natural impulse of human beings and it can never be stopped. This rental led display will surely cause a stir in the led screen market. For more information and product details,please visit About Hitile: Htile is a China-based LED display screen manufacturer for indoor and outdoor led displays. With the website:
2021 05 20
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