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Ward 44 councillor Anthony Moses hopes that plans to create a community safety strategy will gather pace in the coming months.He says residents now have to protect their assets, livelihoods and the lives of their children more than ever. I pick it up because I sit on all the WhatsApp groups within the ward in terms of safety.

You can see the type of things which are coming through every single minute. This causes me to work with Law Enforcement services to come up with a community safety strategy which I have been speaking about for quite some time, but it is time to get all the guys on board, draft the strategy and then implement it in line with the City of Cape Towns plans, says Moses.He says the plans will not cost too much nor take too long to implement after he has already begun to equip neighbourhood watches (NHWs) in the area.

It is a very simple plan, it is not much of a challenge in terms of funding because I already bought the base station for the NHWs and the two-way radios are going to come, he says. He says he will put more effective training programmes in place to better execute the safety strategy. There are other social cohesion training exercises which need to take place in terms of intervention, such as when you have certain crises on the road and how to deal with them.

We have already started training people in first aid and fire fighting. We want to look at what type of community programmes there are in terms of the organisations and NGOs which they can implement for our communities, adds Moses. He urges NHWs to investigate the Citys new programme for community facility officers in which NHW members who have been trained are being placed on site and gain a form of employment.

The other one is looking at the expanded public works programme in which we look at access control at all our facilities which are being vandalised on a regular basis. Most of the challenges are more relational issues that have a negative outcome in behaviour and how we address relational issues in our communities as far as family life is concerned, he explains. I have already asked for anyone who has expertise in drafting a community safety strategy to inform me so that we can look at it as a team.

Moses says he is concerned about the free movement of potential criminals in Bridgetown and Silvertown, where he says unmarked cars have been found to roam Vanguard Estate.We have cars driving around in Bridgetown and Silvertown and attacking our people and robbing people at gunpoint, which is serious. People are now not even scared anymore, he says.

Moses says he plans to install more security cameras in the area, particularly with facial recognition technology.There was an incident where a criminal was convicted based on facial recognition footage. I am looking especially at Fifth Street, opposite Katrina Court, which covers the whole flats area as well as Vanguard and Welcome estates, installing a high mast camera on that side of the road, which we have investigated already last year.

We need a community approach where the community is more involved.

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Affidavit: Converse Man Accused of Filming Up a Woman's Dress at Walmart
A Converse man was arrested Wednesday after he was caught allegedly recording up a woman's dress at a Walmart last month, according to court records.Eric Talamantes, 35, was charged with invasive visual recording. He was booked into the Bexar County Jail and bail was set at $10,000.According to his arrest affidavit, Talamantes pretended to peruse the beauty aisle of the Walmart in the 10700 block of Toepperwein Road at about 9:30 p.m. on April 22.A woman in the aisle, who had her daughter next to her, was facing the opposite direction and felt something touch her thigh. She turned around and found Talamantes recording with his cell phone up her dress, according to the affidavit.The woman confronted the 35-year-old suspect, who said he had dropped his phone. He then left the store. The woman reported the incident to Walmart management, and police responded to the scene.Authorities recovered security camera footage that they say shows Talamantes purposefully record up the woman's skirt, not dropping his phone as he claimed.Investigators asked local business owners if they had ever seen the man depicted in the security camera footage, and one of them was able to identify him as an employee at a nearby McDonald's named "Eric," according to theaffidavit.Police visited the McDonald's and identified the employee as Talamantes.Converse police were also able to identify him through body worn camera footage from a previous arrest. Additionally, the victim identified Talamantes in a photo line up.Officers arrested Talamantes on May 2 on outstanding warrants. At the time of his arrest, he was wearing the same clothes as the suspect recorded by Walmart security cameras, as reported in theaffidavit.A warrant for his cell phone was secured, and officers found photos of three different women that "appeared to be taken at grocery stores as you can see shelved items." The photos were of the women's backsides.
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