CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 1
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 2
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 3
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 4
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 5
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 6
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 1
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 2
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 3
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 4
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 5
CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 6

CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand

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Company Advantages

· Dedicated R&D team: our R&D members are elites who have been engaged in the manufacturing of incandescent bulb in the industry for many years. They have rich experience are dedicated to solving technical problems of the product.

· This product will not easily give out a smelly odor. Its strong hypoallergenic surface can effectively prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs.

· With great capacity, is able to shorten the development cycle of key-two than other companies.

Dear buyer: When purchasing this Bluetooth headset, please read the following instructions: Due to long-term transportation, the power of tws will be exhausted. You will not be able to use the headset when you receive the package. It may be powered off. The first thing to do is to charge the headset box for 60 minutes. Very important. Thank you! Note: This product does not have a retail package box! ! ! Features:Modle:M&J Mini-2 TWSBluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0Transmission distance: outdoor straight line distance 10-15 metersBattery capacity: polymer lithium batteryFunction: fast charging, HD callListening to music time: about 2 hoursCall time: about 2.5 hoursStandby time: 130 hours Charging time: 1-2 hours Accessories List:2 x tws bluetooth earphones (left and right earphones)1 x Charging box1 x USB Charging Cable1 x User Manual

CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 7CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 8CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 9CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 10CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 11CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 12CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 13CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 14CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 15CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 16CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 17CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 18CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 19CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 20CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 21CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 22CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 23CN(Origin) M&J Mini 2 Brand 24

Company Features

· is an experienced manufacturer with years of developing and producing tap water. We are a recognized manufacturer in the industry.

· To be at the technological frontier, has been persistently absorbing high technology at home and abroad. Constructing the advanced technology is the only way for to break the bottleneck in tap water industry.

· has trained professionals to help solve your problems. Welcome to visit our factory!

Product Details

We are confident about the exquisite details of M&J Mini 2.

Application of the Product

M&J Mini 2 can be used in a variety of situations.

We will communicate with our customers to understand their situations and provide them with effective solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, M&J Mini 2 has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

professional R&D talents and professional after-sales service talents serve as the motivation for our company's long-term development.

Based on customer demand, provides quality services for customers and chases for long-term and friendly cooperation with them.

With the belief of 'technology is the foundation of a company', our company formulates our technological development plan based on the strategic goals and development direction.

Since the establishment in has been continuously improving the technology and product quality. Now we gain industry recognition with high-quality products.

sells in various regions in the country as well as in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and other countries and regions.

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