Rustburg sweeps Region 3C

2021-06-24 09:16:39

With the region title on the line and a chance to head to the state semifinal, Rustburg’s softball team delivered once again.

Friday night was a pitcher’s duel from the start.  Rustburg jumped out to an early lead with 3 hits from the first 4 batters, which led to the only score of the game.

“It was an off night at the bats,” said Coach Bigham.

Still, Bigham said she has confidence the team will come back strong like the past 2 games. 


“We missed some scoring opportunities leaving runners on, but the 1 run was enough for tonight,” she added.

Rustburg only allowed 1 person to touch base.  Eden Bigham threw 7 strong innings with 0 hits and 0 walks. She struck out 18 of the 21 batters she faced. Rustburg won the 3C Region title.

The Red Devils will face Lord Botetourt Tuesday at 6 p.m. at home.  The only way to get a ticket is through  Tickets will not be sold at the gate.


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